Whole body well-being & relaxation through foot massage



Reflexes on our feet that correspond to every single gland, organ and part of the body. By applying pressure with the thumb and fingers to those reflexes channels are cleared allowing nature to re-balance and repair our bodies.

Reflexology has been shown to:

The origins of Reflexology reach back to ancient Egypt. Forms of working the feet to effect health have been used all over the ancient world.

Modern Reflexology began with Dr William Fitzgerald MD. In 1917 he wrote, ‘Humanity is awakening to the fact that sickness in a large percentage of cases is an error of body and mind.’

Dr Fitzgerald discovered a very interesting fact, that the application of pressure on ‘zones’ in the feet not only relieved pain but in the majority of cases also relieved the underlying cause as well.

Eunice Ingham developed her theory in the 1930’s as she observed that reflexes on the feet were mirror images of the organs of the body. Today thousands of people are being treated through the modern application of Reflexology.

If your condition is on-going, expect 5 weekly sessions to make a difference and then monthly to maintain health.