Does it hurt to run or walk? Do you get shin splints when you run?

Do you have painful toes?  Do your feet hurt generally all over or in the ball of the foot or the arch area? 

Do your heels hurt first thing in the morning or after resting?  Do they feel bruised?

Do your ankles ache or sprain easily?  Are your knees sore when you are walking or climbing stairs?  Do your muscles ache or cramp a lot?  

Do your hips hurt or do you get back pain?

If you can relate to any of the above or have some other pain in your joints, legs or feet, then a biomechanical assessment and analysis of how you walk is what you need.

Biomechanics is a specialism concerned with how the foot functions and locomotion. It encompasses foot development, and aims to preserve and/or improve the function of the feet and how we walk.

A biomechanical examination involves taking a series of measurements of the feet and legs with the patient standing and lying down, checking joint movements and assessing muscle strength and flexibility. We need to watch how you walk to assess the way in which your feet work.

Once a diagnosis has been reached your therapist will discuss the proposed course of treatment, giving options where appropriate. It is possible that a programme of exercises and advice on footwear may be all that is necessary. You may need an orthotic insole in your footwear to improve your walking pattern.